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Live Streaming of MTV Movie Awards Thanks @twilightlexicon

Thanks to the fine girls at Twilight Lexicon
We will have streaming of the MTV Video Award!
Check it out HERE
Thanks girls :)

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Robert Pattinson & KStew Back in L.A.

W.E.N.N. Exclusive pics

Twilight Saga: New Moon Trailer

Only 14 Seconds but, already has Twilight beat in 14 seconds.
Check out the teaser

Rihanna Scantily Clad In New Photos

Photo by: Screen Grab
According to the Vancouver Sun:

48 hours after their appearance on the shadier corners of the internet, R&B singer Rihanna has thus far refused to release a public statement on the authenticity of a set of nude photos allegedly showing her naked in a Hollywood hotel room, but her record company has gone on the attack, calling the photos a violation of "the Artist's rights."
The pictures, two of which show her face clearly and all of which would seem to show her in various stages of nudity, are self-taken shots using a digital camera, but many have questioned their authenticity. Rihanna's record company, Island Def Jam Records, has reportedly contacted at least one website demanding that the "unauthorized photos" be removed from the site.
The letter, which was brought to light by celebrity gossip site TMZ, doesn't confirm or deny whether the pictures are real, but the wording of demands in the communication would suggest they are.
One photo that has appeared after the initial batch were posted shows her ex-boyfriend, singer Chris Brown, sitting on a hotel bed with a pair of pink panties on his head. Another allegedly shows Rihanna in a bathroom mirror, wearing only bikini bottoms, with the words, "I love you - Robyn. I miss you."
Robyn is Rihanna's legal name.
This new controversy comes at a time when Brown is fighting an assault charge in court stemming from an incident in which he allegedly beat Rihanna in his car on the night of the Grammy Awards, leaving her with serious facial injuries and bite marks on her arms

Lindsay Lohan a.k.a. Skeletor got a movie role

Holy shit, stop the presses....she got cast in a film? How did that happen. According to IMDB
The Other Side
"An over-achieving science scholar tries to solve a bizarre mystery involving the residents of a remote island and ultimately discovers something she could have never predicted."

Somehow I don't by Lindsay as an over-achieving anything except perhaps Cocaine and bulimia techniques of which I am sure she is definitely and over achiever.

According to Perez:

"The producers (and everyone else for that matter) are aware of Lindsanity's behavior on film sets before. Therefore, she had to also agree to attend weekly weigh-ins, adhere to a nightly curfew during filming, and undergo random drug and alcohol testing before they considered signing her for the part."

I think Casinos should start taking bets on whether or not she makes it through the filming without failing to adhere to the requirements. She feels there are rules for everyone else and then there are Lindsay Rules. She is like the high school football player of actors. Peaked in in her teens and it is all down hill from here. I asked the majic 8 ball if she would be in a trailer barefoot in 5 years or less, it said "All sources point to yes"
And we all know, Majic 8 Ball never lies!!!

Katy Perry would look good in a Potato Sac

Honestly, she can pull off any outfit, make-up, hairstyle or personality and I will love her. In person she could be a total bitch and I would still profess my undying love for her. She made me wanna kiss girls a little and I always have my cherry chap stick just in case!

At the MTV Video Music Awards Japan she rocked a sushi outfit. Who else but Katy Perry can wear Shrimp and look that hot????

Official Convinced I could have a reality TV show Now

So, this is what Television has come too??? Irresponsibly have way too many children and you move from your mom's basement to a huge house and get a television show. I can tell you one show I will not be watching. I enjoy the depravity of mankind as much as the next (Celebrity Rehab/Intervention) however those are for the purpose of helping the individuals. This women needs mental help not a reality tv show.

According to US Weekly
It’s official: Nadya Suleman and her brood of 14 are coming to a TV near you.
See What Octo Mom does all day.
After weeks of meetings and negotiations, Suleman’s attorney Jeff Czech confirmed exclusively to that Suleman signed a deal Thursday night to star in her own reality series.
"[Nadya and the producers] are hoping to have an arrangement whereby several events in the children's lives would be filmed in a documentary series," Czech told Us.
“One of the events in the children's lives might be their first birthday.”
See Octo Mom’s family album.
Describing the as-yet untitled show as a “quasi-reality TV series”, Czech said that the production company, Eyeworks, was moving ahead to make a deal with a network.
“They might be several shows aired during a year. There are all kinds of possibilities. It really depends on what the networks want," her lawyer said.
Czech declined to comment on how much Nadya would be getting paid for the deal, citing confidentiality.
“Her television program will not be like the Jon and Kate Plus 8 show,” said Czech. "[Nadya] is looking forward to providing her side of the story."

MTV Movie Awards, Don't Let Slumdog Sweep it

So people, don't let Slumdog millionaire sweep the MTV Movie Awards.....we all know that they're the most important

Just a hint whose got my vote, me and every 15 year old out there because Edward Cullen is so hot because it certainly isn't for cinematic genius. I could have directed this movie and it would have made a mint. Stephanie Meyers should get all the awards because Catherine Hardwick made what could have been great not only mediocre but cheesy as fuck. Apparently they had the score done by a former porno composer. (first Edward scene in the lunch room, pure Gouda)
On that note, I still own it on blu-ray. I have still read the book and I am still obsessed. I think they lined the pages with crack or nicotine or something to that effect. I haven't read the end of the book because I don't want it to end however my friends have pretty much made it obvious someone dies.....I am voting for Alice or Jasper because I love them and that would just be my luck! I am going to finish soon though...all good things must come to an end.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Depeche Mode Singer Has Cancer Scare

Los Angeles (E! Online) – Dave Gahan likes to reach out and touch faith, but he'd rather wait a long, long time before meeting his own personal Jesus.
Depeche Mode's frontman was hospitalized May 12 in Leipzig, Germany, for treatment of a severe bout of gastroenteritis only to learn he had cancerous tumor in his bladder, the band revealed on
Gahan underwent surgery to remove what his physicians say was a "low-grade" malignancy and is expected to make a full recovery, though he's been ordered to take a break from the road until June 8.
Shake the disease, indeed.
The surprise diagnosis forced Depeche Mode to postpone a series of stops across the pond in such cities as Athens, Istanbul, Belgrade and Warsaw as well as London's O2 Arena on May 30. The band is asking concertgoers to hold on to tickets until a revised itinerary is issued sometime next week.
"Dave Gahan sincerely thanks his fans for their support, understanding and patience," the synth-pop rockers said in a statement. "Depeche Mode deeply regret any problems or inconveniences the cancellations and postponements may have caused."
Depeche Mode will relaunch their Tour of the Universe June 8 in Leipzig.
··· THEY SAID WHAT? Get today's most commented stories now at*
Source: Twilight Saga

"The Twilight Saga: New Moon Trailer News

I have no idea what Summit has planned for Twilight fans to do while they countdown the days until New Moon’s release on November 20th. They already released the official poster, website and now I read that the trailer is only a few days away? I’m assuming this will only be a teaser trailer, but you think the studio would tease the fans a little more, giving them something to look forward to instead of releasing everything so early. One can only hope that they have lots of other stuff planned for the upcoming months ahead.

Before I tell you the date and time that the trailer is supposed to premiere on the internet, lets first say happy belated birthday to Justin Chon, who turned 28 the other day (read here). Then let me remind you that my source is normally accurate, but I have heard no official word on this date and time myself. says the studio sent them an e-mail saying that the New Moon trailer will debut online May 31 at 7:45 pm PT/10:45 pm ET. So make sure and check back with HYB’s Twilight blog around that time to find out how you can watch the trailer."

Honestly Does Anyone Care about Jon & Kate + 8

I have always found them to be money grubbers that are just one step up from Octomom.

I wouldn't be surprised if their publicist said, "Ratings are down, we need a scandal."

If it isn't a scandal then good on Jon. Kate treats him like a slave but honestly I have only watched the show once and thought it was a waist of an hour of my life... now an hour and 5 minutes by posting this shite!

Give me the Sausage Jessica Szorh

Photo curteousy of

I am sure PETA loves this!!!

Gossip Girl's  Jessica Szorh 
Apparently she has decided to go for the meat. But let's be honest, this girl's idea of going for the meat is a tiny piece of grilled chicken breast cut into one inch cubes that she then portion controls by one per day. Her ribs on her back could be used for a washboard and not in the "washboard abs" kinda way. 
Eat some food, any food. 
I promise you they got the real laugh out of her for this photo was by saying "Go on, eat all of this"
Now that's a funny one

Now give me that sausage ASAP!!!!

Not even current but WTF Katie Holmes

I know the Tom has implanted something in her fragile little mind that has fucked up her ability to choose proper clothing to go to an event. You can do classic without the high waist. This is just way to Jessica Simpson minus the white trash for me and she is at the whitehouse, how does her stylist let her do this seriously.
Also, why do she look like she could be my mother as well. Dump the alien and get back to sassy girl that talks out of the side of her mouth.
Seriously though, what the fuck is this:

Sick of the hot topic; grey looking Edward t-shirts Available for Twilight? Not to mention everyone else has the exact same one. Check out this online store:

My personal favourie:
(I am a size Large if there are an lovelies wondering what to get me)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

E-Online has the best story regarding two of my favourite people: Adam Samberg and Robert Pattinson of Twilight
Adam says Twilight makes him Jizz in his pants but so does the lady that brushes up against him so....not saying much.
If you haven't watched "Lazy Sunday" it is a must.
Here is the E-Online Article:
"Don't be surprised if Justin Timberlake shows up at the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday.

His Saturday Night Live buddy and frequent collaborator, Andy Samberg, will make his debut as host of this year's big golden popcorn get-together. "I'm calling in all the favors I can," Samberg told me earlier today while prepping for the show at the Gibson Amphitheatre in Universal City.

He said of a potential Timberlake appearance, "We're trying very hard to deliver on that."

I have much more for you from Samberg. Read on for talk about Twilight, Susan Boyle and, of course, "Dick in a Box."

Will we see your "Dick in a Box" on the show? How about some "Jizz"?
I swear to you: It's still up in the air.

Your "Dick in a Box" is still up in the air?
My dick is off my body, it's in a box, and that box is floating in space.

I have to tell you that my dream headline for this story is: "Andy Samberg: 'Twilight Makes Me Jizz!' "
Do you want me to say that?

Twilight makes me jizz, man. But will you include that you asked me to say that?

Yeah—I forced Andy Samberg to jizz. OK, how many times have you seen Twilight?
I've seen Twilight once. But I've seen scenes from Twilight many times in my dreams. You know what I mean? In a lot of ways I see Twilight constantly every day, because once you see it, it stays with you forever.

When I reported that the Movie Awards will include a first look at New Moon, fans went crazy. People are insane about it.
They love playing baseball! What's not to love? If you told me that we were going to make this movie about vampires that are really, really good at baseball, I would say, "Sign me on!"

Are you Team Edward or Team Jacob?
Edward all the way.

Why is that?
He's steamy!

See, I didn't ask you to say that!
I never root for the underdog. I always root for the crowd favorite. Big Yankees fan, big Manchester United fan.

I hear you're a big Susan Boyle fan, too.
Oh, yeah! I love Susan Boyle. I came home pretty intoxicated one night and discovered the "I Dreamed a Dream" clip and watched it like seven times in a row and just bawled. Which I think is probably more indicative to the fact that I'm a little stressed out and I'm not acknowledging it.

Or maybe it was just because you were drunk.
I don't generally just cry when I'm drunk; I get drunk and have fun. But it was a joyful cry. It wasn't like upset. For some reason, the combination of her voice and that song and the super over-the-top editing of that show really, really struck a chord with me.

A while ago I was telling folks at MTV that you have to get Susan for the Movie Awards.
Yeah, we tried. I wanted her here. But you know, they've got a pretty strict contract over there.

P. Diddy, who hosted the Video Music Awards in 2005, recently advised you to get drunk for the show. Will you?
I don't want it to mess with the 'shrooms, so I might just stay with one thing.

Mark Burnett [producer of the Movie Awards] just told me he's hoping you will become the permanent host of the show. He said he has always wanted that and you're the guy.
We'll see what happens. I don't ever like to put too much on any one thing, because I'm a great believer in jinxing things.

You must have dreams of hosting the Oscars one day, no?
I don't. I don't expect or believe that my career will ever get to the point where I am a person that's in a position of hosting the Oscars. To be honest, I kind of feel like I fall too lowbrow.

It's possible. I mean, you did win an Emmy for "Dick in a Box."
Yeah, you're right. I never thought I'd be hosting the Movie Awards either, so who knows?

I was reading some clips about you in USA Today and they referred to it as "Gift in a Box."
You can just say "D in a Box." What's wrong with "D in a Box"?

Why can't people just say Dick?
I ask people that every day: Why don't you just say Dick? Not even in reference to the song. Just say Dick."

And now the video that started it all: "Lazy Sundays"

Autographed by Kellan Lutz "Defining Twilight" up for Grabs

Everyone is whoring out twilight merch at the moment but hey if it helps you learn vocab for the SAT then that's brilliant but I am pretty sure Twilight wasn't even PSAT level reading.

Regina Spektor....if you haven't heard of her get out from under the rock your living in

This is one of my favourite musicians for the past few years. Think Tori Amos with a bit of Frente mixed in there. Just good stuff.

Laughing With

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

New Moon: The Complete Illustrated Movie Companion now available for pre-order

Courtesy of:

"Thanks to the headsup from, we now know that The Twilight Saga: New Moon's illustrated movie companion book is available for pre-order online here.

Costing a modest $12.91, the book will be released on October 6, 2009, according to the sales information (right in time to get thoroughly familiar with it before the November 20th release of The Twilight Saga: New Moon).

Meanwhile, Stephenie Meyer's The Twilight Saga: Official Guide still has no official release date announced - but is still available for pre-order here.

New Moon: The Complete Illustrated Movie Companion is written by Mark Cotta Vaz, the same author of Twilight: The Complete Illustrated Movie Companion. It will be about 144 pages, and will be written in English (released by Hatchett Books).

So, tell us, did you get the first one? If so, will you be purchasing this? Comment below and let us know!"

mmmm edward

Twilight Saga: New Moon Italy filming stills

Even with the chicken pox like dots on his face he still pulls off blue steel with perfection. Unconventional hotness is the emo of the late 2000s

Thanks Radar for sharing:
Check out even more at

Great opportunity to photoshop yourself in there.....

Twilight Saga: New Moon Kissing Scene

Damn it feels good to be an actor!!!!!

This is so hot, I wonder if the people that paid 20,000 got THIS kind of kiss. If so.....worth it!!!!

Oh My......what I would do to that!!!!!

Three words: Robert Pattinson Topless

I am speachless. I don't know what to say other than "Damn I wish I Kristen Steward and now I want to be an actress".

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Twilight New Moon Eclipse Tours

Live set tours of these movies is going to ruin the ability for ppl to meet the cast, hang out, get a picture etc. It seems stalkerish for a reason, it is. Bringing 20 ppl to a set vs a few friends going to check it out is two totally different things.
Who's to say that those fans that are part of twi-tours aren't psycho? That will ruin it for adults that understand the meaning of the word "boundaries" and "respect" Anyone willing to pay $300-400 per tour must be at least hanging out occasionally on the crazy side of the fence.
Go see some whales, take a tour of whistler, go the the island and your still not close to $400

I just find this an invasion of "boundaries" which it seems age isn't indicative of ones ability to recognize them. But hey cheers for ruining it for the fans that just wanna hang out and maybe meet the cast. 50 ppl and the security will never allow them to stop in a million years. 20 even is pushing it. Lets try to think as fans and not as money grubbers for a second and realize that there is more to all of this that people that want to create a "once in a lifetime experience" They have the glasses on with the $$$ signs they are looking through. Maybe I should by them a little john glass to drink out of as well. I am just supremely disappointed.

Vintage Gavin Rossdale / Bush

There are no words...none at all

Thanks to @a_pink_passion via Twitter

Adam Lambert May be both a pitcher and a catcher but.....

I LOVE my queens. He is a hottie and I would be his fag hag any day so personal request to Adam Lambert, Please let me follow you around and point out how fabulous you are regularly.

Oh and PS YOU GOT FUCKED by AI but they are homophobic fucks in my honest opinion.

Photos courtesy of

Peter Facinelli to Appear on Chelsea Lately

Originally Posted by Twilight_News - 27/05/09 at 12:05 am

To all those Facinelli fan's out there (myself included) he is set to appear on Chelsea Lately June 3rd

New Video from Italy New Moon Set

Thanks to:

All I have to say is those Porsches are HOT!!!!

She's Still got it....well photoshop helped significantly

Everyone know Winona Ride-her is a gorgeous. The dress is perfection. The nails perfectly are perfectly painted but something just doesn't seem right. Perhaps it is the blur of the wrinkles. I just wish they would show women as they are. I am 29 and potentially look older than her. Unrealistic expectations are the start of bulimia, anorexia, botox etc. Let just be real. No photoshop, no old school vaseline lense, just good old fashioned Nikki Taylor hotness :)

Gwen Stefani Brings Out Kingston

Nothing cuter than Gwen and Kingston on one stage well unless Gavin Rossdale is there!!!

Jackson Rathbone - stupid wig = HOTNESS

100 Monkey = Jackson Rathbone sans creapy wig...lookin hot!

Posted by Twilight_News - 26/05/09 at 10:05 am

The Darling Buds, Jamie Campbell Bower’s band, are going to be playing on June 9th in the UK. Jamie Campbell Bower just Tweeted this site so you can buy tickets early.

Also, 100 Monkeys is doing a major site launch and the contest that we wrote about during the weekend. We just heard from their staff, and they are a little backed up on the technicals. The site should be up shortly with full content, not just the preview video that is there now. Remember that the band just added an Allentown, PA show. Their Philly shows sold out. Don’t wait to buy tickets!

Peter Facinelli’s site is also expected to launch shortly. Same problem, technicals a little backed up.

Also while we are at it, our 100 Monkeys footage will go up tonight. Combo of new editing software and a glorious Memorial Day Weekend delayed us.

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Is Robert Pattinson Wearing A Promise Ring from Kristen Stewart

Originally found on

How long and how many times do do people have to say that Robert isn't with Kristin. They are just friends blah blah and now we have to take sharks tooth to mean promise right. I can promise you that boys promises probably last however long the zipper takes to zip back up. Love him to bits but let's be honest.

Robert's enjoying the single life and perhaps the hook-up life but where do the promise rings come into play?

Since when did "sharks tooth from local Cannes street market" = Promise right?

I smell something, oh wait I recognize that smell. It is the smell of trumped up bull shit.

Check the photo out for yourself. What do you think. 
I know many of your are landing here going "Why do I care what this American transplant has to say" about Twlight, Grey's Anatomy that abysmal thing known as Kristin Stewart's face
Kristen Stewart - Gossip | Photos | News |

I am not a hater but for fucks sake, you have a stylist and you have sunglasses. Someone needs to teach her insta-glam equals messy hair and sunglasses and we all know she has one down pat.

Gorgeous girl, misguided with regards to fashion. I like as much as the next girl but, make an effin effort from time to time that doesn't involve a red carpet.

I could go on and on about this but the point is that this is MY blog. I can say what I like when I like and if people don't like it, post a comment, my skin is thick and I will respond. I like to hear differing opinions but be prepared for at least a minor debate and if it has anything to do with spelling or grammar I will delete the comment because this is a blog not a term paper.

This blog will be about any and all things but from my point of view (to further spell out the POV portion of the title)

Anything you want my opinion on (which shoes go with this dress etc) Consider me your personal Alice Cullen / Ashlee Greene. I am there for you. If you ask me if Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are doin' it in the hallways of the Sutton you are liable to get an ear full of bullshit just for humours sake.
So....since we are on a twilight swing, I end on this note:

My Hero, My Muse Lisa Nova

And for my friend

bitchy gossip girl