Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ricky Martin Bi Statement recanted.....REALLY

As if it weren't painful obvious already, just come out. That is not straight banter going on on your left. That is "bring that booty over here play time" Your already half way hanging out of the closet....only a few more steps and BOOM freedom to do whoever/however you please

As reported by the one and only Perez Hilton:
"It turns out that Ricky Martin was misquoted for the sake of headline fodder when he was reported to have said that "his heart could belong to a woman or a man."

What he actually said was, "Eh, the heart of Ricky Martin? Look, whether it has or doesn't have a male owner or a female owner, I have never spoken about that topic, so don't…"

And when the editor was questioned regarding Martin's alleged bisexuality, the editor admitted that the singer did not say he was a switch-hitter.

Shady shady TV Aqui magazine!!!!

At least Martin is happy these days, gay or not, single or not. He's the proud poppa of two beautiful baby boys!"

Linkin Park will be returning for Transformers Rise of the Fallen Soundtrack

According to NME (best music source out there in my opinion)
The song is called "New Divide" and you can hear it here as preformed at the premier of "Transformers" :

Let us know what you think of the flick. Haven't scene it yet however am planning to in the next few days. Moving has kept me pretty freakin busy lately!!!
Old news but, enjoy.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Seriously somone in Linnkin Park is hittin up the crack pipe

How the hell does Linkin Park think they are going to sound better than the gods of live show "Muse"

Chester Bennington tells NME.COM the band are gearing up to 'kick some ass'

Being both a fan of a Linkin Park and a person that has seen them live, spend your money on some good speakers and listen to the music in your bedroom cause it sounds no different. We left half-way through the set and found it theatrical but in a boring manner. Perhaps Korn playing first wasn't the best idea because they are amazing live if you like them or not.

Here is the article directly (

NME Festival Guide
Sonisphere 2009

Linkin Park: 'We'll take Muse's title of best live band in the world at Sonisphere'

Jigga collaborated with Linkin Park in 2004 for a project called ‘Collision Course’. They won a Grammy for the track ‘Numb/Encore’, and performed it live with a special appearance from Paul McCartney adding verses from ‘Yesterday’. That would be a Glasto moment. Pic: PA Photos

Jigga collaborated with Linkin Park in 2004 for a project called ‘Collision Course’. They won a Grammy for the...

Chester Bennington tells NME.COM the band are gearing up to 'kick some ass'

Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington has told NME.COM that he believes his band's headline slot at this year's Sonisphere festival provides them with the perfect opportunity to become the best live act in the world.

Bennington said the he thinks Muse are currently the band to beat in the live arena, but he's confident that Linkin Park will be able to equal the Devon trio's high standards when they headline the Sonisphere festival on August 1.

"They're one of the best - if not the best - live performing bands in the world at the moment," he said about Muse, adding "We need to fucking kick some ass."

The singer also singled out Metallica – who headline the second day of Sonisphere on August 2 – as friendly rivals, saying: "I think those kind of bands elevate you as a player. You either need to shoot up and show up or you need to put your tail between your legs and hope you get through it."

Taking place at Knebworth, Sonisphere features the likes of Nine Inch Nails, Bullet For My Valentine, Machine Head and Mastodon.

Referencing Knebworth's status for staging iconic concerts in the past by the likes of Oasis, Led Zeppelin and Queen, Bennington admitted that he feels the gig is a hugely important one for Linkin Park.

"There are definitely shows that either make or break you. And I do think [Sonisphere] could be one of those shows," he revealed.

"I know that it's [Knebworth] a legendary venue where legendary acts have played, from Zeppelin to Queen and many, many more. To perform there means you better show up with your kickass pants on."

The frontman also confirmed that Linkin Park will play new single 'The New Divide' at their Sonisphere gig. The band are currently in the studio with Rick Rubin, recording the follow up to 2007 album 'Minutes To Midnight'.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

More Celeb Gossip to come!!!

I have been relocating and that makes keeping up impossible!!! Trust me my pretties, it is coming soon :) Lots of good gossip this week!!!!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Enough with the RPattz KStew kissing stuff already!!

Honestly, who cares. If they are, if they aren't, it has zero impact on your life and all the gossip alone could be creating major drama for Kristen Stewart in her verified relationship of several years! Pictures can be so deceiving. I have seen photos and accompanying stories that didn't coincide however if OK! Magazine or People got a hold of it they would publish those photos with a totally different story than what truly transpired so can we please just give these rumours a rest. Everyone wants Bella & Edward Cullen to be together but let's not forget those are fictional characters played by two very real people who have their own real lives outside of the Twilight Saga.
Stepping down off of soap box ;)
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Vancouver Casting for Twilight Saga: Eclipse Begins!!!!

There are several roles being cast for at the moment. Unfortunately if you are not first nations, you will not get the part. They have even made specific mention of not accepting applications for people that can "pass" as native. I find this refreshing. It provides a great opportunity for first nations actors to be seen and have an opportunity to get themselves out there and not have the role taken by someone who appears to be slightly tanned!

Full casting details and how to submit your headshots for Twilight Saga: Eclipse primary roles, click here

Filming Dates Tentatively Set for Twilight Saga: Eclipse in Vancouver

Rehearsals are set to begin according to acting411 for August with actual filming beginning in September. So all you twihards get your money saved up because you know you wanna come to Vancouver for vampires. We all know it. Vancouver government is just seeing $$$$ in the tourism these films are bring to the city. Great experience as long as the crazy twihards keep their crazy to a minimum and people don't act like idiots and ruin the experience for the sane ones!