Friday, December 4, 2009

Fringe Filming & Everybody's Fine

So, today was pretty eventful. Went to see Fringe filming in Downtown Vancouver (Gastown specifically)
When we arrived they were running rehearsals of a shot of Olivia Dunham, Peter Bishop, Walter Bishop (Anna Torv, John Noble and Joshua Jackson respectively) exiting the FBI vehicle and going up to a building presumably to investigate a crime scene. There were NY Police Department vehicles, fire trucks and ambulances all around. Seemed like it is going to be a pretty interesting episode. I love the show so I always love seeing bits filming and then seeing it on an episode. (i.e. tonight's episode was done in Chinatown in Vancouver for some of the shots and I was there to see the set up for that) We didn't get to meet any of the primaries but saw them filming...that was until we came back after the movie. A couple of friends of mine were going down to check out the set and after the movie they were still there so we decided to drop back by. They were filming interior shots so we didn't get to see any filming however we got pictures with Anna Torv, Joshua Jackson and Lance Reddick. The cast of this show is by far some of the nicest people you could ever meet. After what must have been a grueling day of filming they still stopped for fans. The same is true of their crew. They are always very friendly with the fans and often times will engage in conversation regarding the show (past episodes only of course) and seem to genuinely like the show and seem to actually enjoy their job, even if their job is just to tell us to stand further to the left to not be seen in the shot or to keep quiet because they are rolling. Seeing the crew and cast at work just makes me like the show that much more.

Now, on to the let down of the evening, Everybody's Fine. I understood the premise of the movie by the end but found the preview incredibly misleading. I was expecting a bit of a dramatic comedy with a bit of a dark or morose first part and then a catharsis and a second half that left you feeling good and as if everybody really was fine or better than fine. You do eventually get that feeling however, it is only in the last 5 minutes of the movie. The other hour and 40 minutes are a complete "downer" movie, certainly not what I am looking for in a holiday season movie. Just because you throw one Christmas scene in a movie doesn't make it a holiday movie. Deniro was very endearing in this movie even if it is simply because you feel sorry for the poor bastard. All and all, the movie is worth a rent at best. It isn't the fault of the actors this time, it is simply a bad script. I am glad it was free. The company was good so I can't complain about that.

So, two days of just me...are you bored out of your mind yet? Day three tomorrow. I am enjoying this even if you aren't!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

You may not want to follow my blog anymore

I am going to start writing about my life rather than the lives of of others. I can't write about things I am not passionate about or don't care about and I guess I have been feeling a little self-absorbed because I am the only thing I seem to care about these days! I kid. In all seriousness, the blog is called Nat's Point of view because it is my point of view on things and I suddenly feel the urge to make it more about the things I experience on a daily basis. I watched Julie and Julia the other night and felt inspired to share a little more of me on the net. I doubt anyone will continue to read it however, I am now viewing it as an e-diary more so than an attempt to garner followers or subscribers.

Blogs are meant to be therapeutic and an outlet for your thoughts. Let's face it, not every day is going to be riveting however I hope at least some of it is interesting or if nothing else somewhat entertaining.

So, that's it. That's my plan. I am going to go out tomorrow and try to find something really interesting to write about. It should be a fairly eventful day. Fringe is filming down in Gastown and I am going to go check that out and then I am going with @nucksgrl to see a screening of "Everybody's Fine." Here is a link to the trailer. I actually think it looks pretty good. Deniro does well when it is a semi-funny/semi-serious role. As long as he steers clear of his roots (gangster "Say hello to my little friends" days) he does well. (i.e. Anger Management vs. Righteous Kill) I love gangsta 20-30 year old Deniro but it just seems overdone at this point.

So, going forward it is all me and my thoughts and take on things. Take it or leave it. :) Hope you stick around.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Twilight Saga: Eclipse Set Pictures w/ Rob & Kristen

Yesterday was, by far, the best day I have had at a set. Generally when I have been to sets it is so closed off that you can't see anything. I am not a tree climber or professional so I have to try to see what I can see from the streets like everyone else. This means I rarely get to see anyone or anything that isn't covered with black tarps or strategically hidden behind umbrellas or tinted glass. Yesterday was a totally different experience for me.

About 20 minutes in, I had gotten a picture of David Slade and a profile of Rob and already called the day a success! Seeing anything at all is a win as far as I am concerned and based on my past set experiences yesterday was just that.

They were filming shots at the Fork's Police Department. We were all struggling trying to remember what scene from Eclipse would include the police station. I have a friend that is a walking talking Twilight reference guide. She knows everything there is to know about the books, even details not included in the books but that Stephanie Meyers has mentioned in interviews. This girl is good and even she was stumped. The best guess is that it has something to do with the newborns and the script must include a scene where Edward and Bella go see Charlie at the station about the problem. But, your guess is as good as mine.

After walking around the set while the actors where at lunch, we were asked to move down the sidewalk because they had permits for the road adjacent to the set and behind the set. This was fine with us and we made our way down to where we were asked to stand. This, along with a street lined with Washington plated cars led me to believe their would be street scenes and that we may get a chance to see some filming. I never guessed that we would be able to see Rob and Kristen in full view, in hair and make-up, driving the volvo into the station. It took quite a few takes to get it right so we got a clear view of Rob & Kristen pulling in and then reversing and pulling out.

Rob would check himself out in the rear view mirror and fix his hair and Kristen appeared to be filing her nails? Odd but, maybe it was a nervous twitch, who knows! Rob appeared to stay in character even when the camera wasn't rolling. He had a stern expression on his face that conveyed that he needed to be serious for the scene they were shooting.

Before they filmed these scenes that everyone was clearly able to see, I got some pictures of Rob, Kristen & Billy filming/rehearsing on the steps of the police station. It really was cool just to see it all. I love filming of any kind. I find it amazing how they can transform a sunny day in Vancouver Canada into a rainy day in Forks, Washington.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Lady Gaga Bloody VMA Performance

Whether you love her or hate her, her performance at the VMAs Sunday night is memorable. I find her voice is incredibly strong and she has an amazing presence. I like seeing an artist who is themselves regardless of pressure to conform. She is anything but a conformist!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

100 Monkeys with Jackson Rathbone @ Rickshaw

Great show. Jackson was his ever charming self. Gorgeous smile. Rockin' out. Well worth the $20 price tag to get you in the door. I took about 200 pictures. To say I am a fan of Jackson Rathbone is the understatement of the century. Nikki Reed and Elizabeth Reaser along with Paris Latsis joined the party up in the balcony above the stage. It gave them a great view of the show and the fans and amazing view of both the monkeys and the stars. The pictures show that these guys know how to relax and enjoy themselves. Stephanie Meyers was also in attendance. All and all, a great evening of drinks, music, celebrities and one greasy shipping heir. Yeah, not a fan of Paris.

Death Cab for Cutie: Meet Me On the Equinox

I am a huge fan of Death Cab for Cutie and have been for years now. I am so happy to see that they are finally getting the notoriety and recognition as amazing musicians. Being a part of the New Moon soundtrack is bound to bring them quite a few new fans. Look at what the Twilight soundtrack did for bands like Paramore. This song is very true to DCFC's sound and I love it.

NEW New Moon Trailer MTV VMA Premier

Goose bumps! This movie is going to be so much better than Twilight was. I think even Kristen Stuarts acting got better. The bed scene kills me every time.

Oh No He Didn't! Kanye West ruins Taylor Swifts VMA Win

Not cool. I agree with Kanye that Beyonce's video was a better video but, that is mainly because I found Taylor's video to be a little too story board for me. However, she is extremely talented and the poor thing looked absolutely gutted and at a loss.
See for yourself.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Twilight Saga: Eclipse Set Exploring Video & Pics

When I say exploring, it is not a stretch. You spend so much time doing research, following leads, forming hypothesis, doubting your hypothesis and wind up scratching your head wondering if you are following the wrong trail. Tonight was no exception.
Although tonight wasn't as much of an exploration as it was great friends with great information and solid leads. Well, maybe I am selling ourselves short. There was definitely a bit of sleuthing involved. What it came down to was simply having the right information and the web of both locals who know their stuff and twitter with its proliferation of information.
When we arrived, the road leading up to and past the filming location was lined with cars and girls alike. I honestly was a tad bit afraid. If Eclipse wasn't filming here, you would never know it by watching the girls clasp their copies of Twilight hoping that maybe they would be able to thrust it toward a cast member and get them to scribble in it. The hope and expectation in the girls eyes was slightly unnerving. I understand fandemonium but no one has seen it until they have looked into the eyes of a 13 year old twihard. It is truly a thing of both beauty and absolute fear. I am truly afraid of being in the room with too many twilight fans. The law of averages alone tells me at least 25% of them are going to be straight up crazy. If you're lucky you will find the 1% you can make friends with but highly unlikely when information comes at such a premium! We left about the time the 14-16 year old fans starting filing in. I am thinking this was simply a move in self preservation. I do require my sanity to function!
Remember the scratching your head part? Well that is because even after it is all said and done, we have to wait for confirmation tomorrow that what we saw was even Eclipse and not some of the many other television shows and films being recorded here at the moment. We have just as many reasons to believe it is as to believe that it isn't. When it comes down to it, only time will tell. Maybe I will be watching a movie one day and be like "Damn, that's what it was." Or maybe tomorrow morning I will wake up and find photos of the lucky people that sat through the night waiting to get a glimpse of confirmation. Whatever the case may be, it was a fun evening.
By the time I finished writing this it was confirmed that it was Eclipse being shot in Langley, B.C. were these photos where taken. Location was kept confidential until wrapped to avoid stalkerazzi!