Thursday, August 20, 2009

Twilight Saga: Eclipse Set Exploring Video & Pics

When I say exploring, it is not a stretch. You spend so much time doing research, following leads, forming hypothesis, doubting your hypothesis and wind up scratching your head wondering if you are following the wrong trail. Tonight was no exception.
Although tonight wasn't as much of an exploration as it was great friends with great information and solid leads. Well, maybe I am selling ourselves short. There was definitely a bit of sleuthing involved. What it came down to was simply having the right information and the web of both locals who know their stuff and twitter with its proliferation of information.
When we arrived, the road leading up to and past the filming location was lined with cars and girls alike. I honestly was a tad bit afraid. If Eclipse wasn't filming here, you would never know it by watching the girls clasp their copies of Twilight hoping that maybe they would be able to thrust it toward a cast member and get them to scribble in it. The hope and expectation in the girls eyes was slightly unnerving. I understand fandemonium but no one has seen it until they have looked into the eyes of a 13 year old twihard. It is truly a thing of both beauty and absolute fear. I am truly afraid of being in the room with too many twilight fans. The law of averages alone tells me at least 25% of them are going to be straight up crazy. If you're lucky you will find the 1% you can make friends with but highly unlikely when information comes at such a premium! We left about the time the 14-16 year old fans starting filing in. I am thinking this was simply a move in self preservation. I do require my sanity to function!
Remember the scratching your head part? Well that is because even after it is all said and done, we have to wait for confirmation tomorrow that what we saw was even Eclipse and not some of the many other television shows and films being recorded here at the moment. We have just as many reasons to believe it is as to believe that it isn't. When it comes down to it, only time will tell. Maybe I will be watching a movie one day and be like "Damn, that's what it was." Or maybe tomorrow morning I will wake up and find photos of the lucky people that sat through the night waiting to get a glimpse of confirmation. Whatever the case may be, it was a fun evening.
By the time I finished writing this it was confirmed that it was Eclipse being shot in Langley, B.C. were these photos where taken. Location was kept confidential until wrapped to avoid stalkerazzi!


  1. You're not crazy Nat. And isn't that Rob in one of the pics or just a figment of my imagination.
    The langley location was leaked ...but who cares. Hope a few fans got what they wanted.
    Don't worry about the little Twi-hards. They are emotional little messes right now but they will be O.K.!

  2. Good sleuthing detective Nat...I feel you have a future as a damn good paparazzi!

    Miss you, wish I could be there...except I'd more resemble the mini twihards I fear...white knuckled clutching my copy of eclipse, screaming and crying when I catch a glimps of, lets be serious, any of the cast members. No one needs to see that.

  3. hahaha Miss you too Lyndsey. I think you need to come be my side-kick! I need to spend some time walking around Vancouver but I have been so busy!

  4. Anonymous...
    I am fairly secure with my sanity! :) Thanks for the vote of confidence. I don't think I have any pictures of any actors in the shots. They were blocking when/if anything was being shot. It was very exciting just to hang around though and see the set. Now I can't wait to spot the scene in Eclipse. :)

  5. Hmmm I wonder if they'll be filming here again tonight.


  6. Great Sluthing! Don't blame you for bailing from all the crazies! We watched some girls chase Kellen's car out into traffic. I've learned to keep my yap shut, and just enjoy the view...

  7. Oh my gosh i can't wait for the movie. I actually want to act in the 4th one. Thank you so much for posting the video and pics I'm so exicted and by the way i love you blog!!! ^_^

  8. Hi Nat!
    Do you still log on? If so, I wanted to ask you some questions about you exploring this whole Twilight Saga thing. Please e-mail me,

  9. I am waiting to gte the new part../.

  10. hahaha Skip you too Lyndsey. I think you need to come be my side-kick! I need to invest a while strolling around Calgary but I have been so busy!

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