Friday, May 29, 2009

Give me the Sausage Jessica Szorh

Photo curteousy of

I am sure PETA loves this!!!

Gossip Girl's  Jessica Szorh 
Apparently she has decided to go for the meat. But let's be honest, this girl's idea of going for the meat is a tiny piece of grilled chicken breast cut into one inch cubes that she then portion controls by one per day. Her ribs on her back could be used for a washboard and not in the "washboard abs" kinda way. 
Eat some food, any food. 
I promise you they got the real laugh out of her for this photo was by saying "Go on, eat all of this"
Now that's a funny one

Now give me that sausage ASAP!!!!


  1. of course I give her all my eat, the sausage made with ground meat...what other thing are you think that I talking about...OK I thinking for a moment, and who not? I mean look that picture, oh boy!

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