Monday, May 25, 2009

I know many of your are landing here going "Why do I care what this American transplant has to say" about Twlight, Grey's Anatomy that abysmal thing known as Kristin Stewart's face
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I am not a hater but for fucks sake, you have a stylist and you have sunglasses. Someone needs to teach her insta-glam equals messy hair and sunglasses and we all know she has one down pat.

Gorgeous girl, misguided with regards to fashion. I like as much as the next girl but, make an effin effort from time to time that doesn't involve a red carpet.

I could go on and on about this but the point is that this is MY blog. I can say what I like when I like and if people don't like it, post a comment, my skin is thick and I will respond. I like to hear differing opinions but be prepared for at least a minor debate and if it has anything to do with spelling or grammar I will delete the comment because this is a blog not a term paper.

This blog will be about any and all things but from my point of view (to further spell out the POV portion of the title)

Anything you want my opinion on (which shoes go with this dress etc) Consider me your personal Alice Cullen / Ashlee Greene. I am there for you. If you ask me if Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are doin' it in the hallways of the Sutton you are liable to get an ear full of bullshit just for humours sake.
So....since we are on a twilight swing, I end on this note:

My Hero, My Muse Lisa Nova

And for my friend

bitchy gossip girl


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