Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Twilight New Moon Eclipse Tours

Live set tours of these movies is going to ruin the ability for ppl to meet the cast, hang out, get a picture etc. It seems stalkerish for a reason, it is. Bringing 20 ppl to a set vs a few friends going to check it out is two totally different things.
Who's to say that those fans that are part of twi-tours aren't psycho? That will ruin it for adults that understand the meaning of the word "boundaries" and "respect" Anyone willing to pay $300-400 per tour must be at least hanging out occasionally on the crazy side of the fence.
Go see some whales, take a tour of whistler, go the the island and your still not close to $400

I just find this an invasion of "boundaries" which it seems age isn't indicative of ones ability to recognize them. But hey cheers for ruining it for the fans that just wanna hang out and maybe meet the cast. 50 ppl and the security will never allow them to stop in a million years. 20 even is pushing it. Lets try to think as fans and not as money grubbers for a second and realize that there is more to all of this that people that want to create a "once in a lifetime experience" They have the glasses on with the $$$ signs they are looking through. Maybe I should by them a little john glass to drink out of as well. I am just supremely disappointed.

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