Saturday, May 30, 2009

MTV Movie Awards, Don't Let Slumdog Sweep it

So people, don't let Slumdog millionaire sweep the MTV Movie Awards.....we all know that they're the most important

Just a hint whose got my vote, me and every 15 year old out there because Edward Cullen is so hot because it certainly isn't for cinematic genius. I could have directed this movie and it would have made a mint. Stephanie Meyers should get all the awards because Catherine Hardwick made what could have been great not only mediocre but cheesy as fuck. Apparently they had the score done by a former porno composer. (first Edward scene in the lunch room, pure Gouda)
On that note, I still own it on blu-ray. I have still read the book and I am still obsessed. I think they lined the pages with crack or nicotine or something to that effect. I haven't read the end of the book because I don't want it to end however my friends have pretty much made it obvious someone dies.....I am voting for Alice or Jasper because I love them and that would just be my luck! I am going to finish soon though...all good things must come to an end.

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