Monday, May 25, 2009

Is Robert Pattinson Wearing A Promise Ring from Kristen Stewart

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How long and how many times do do people have to say that Robert isn't with Kristin. They are just friends blah blah and now we have to take sharks tooth to mean promise right. I can promise you that boys promises probably last however long the zipper takes to zip back up. Love him to bits but let's be honest.

Robert's enjoying the single life and perhaps the hook-up life but where do the promise rings come into play?

Since when did "sharks tooth from local Cannes street market" = Promise right?

I smell something, oh wait I recognize that smell. It is the smell of trumped up bull shit.

Check the photo out for yourself. What do you think. 


  1. Good call. It's funny that the media has to create these frenzied stories. It's funny but you have to feel sorry for the people (Stewart and Pattinson) who have to deal with them. When acting together you have to have chemistry with your co-stars especially when you are playing say, star-crossed-lovers. It doesn't mean they are in-love off-screen too. (Not everyine is Brad and Angelina)

    And let's be realistic 99.9 percent of the crazy women who love Pattinson DON'T HAVE A CHANCE with him, so why does it matter? He plays a character in a movie. Get over it and go read another book already.

    Not to mention take a close look at Edwards character. He's selfish, over-protective, controling, a little sadistic, and demanding. Ladies does that sound like prince charming? Think about it. Yeah sure he loves Bella, but is everything else woth it? Sacrificing ones life to be the subdued wife, letting someone else make decisions for you? So really think about it.

  2. Sorry about the couple spelling errors above. It's "everyone" and "worth". Keyboard is broken.

    Oh I forgot a couple more of Edward's "alluring" characteristics: jealous, calculating, stubborn, and moody. Talk about HIGH maintainance.

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