Thursday, August 13, 2009

Because Everyone Likes to See a Celebrity Get Fat!

Holy Michelin Man. I guess when you can afford more chicken nuggets and big macs on Britney's dime this is what happens. He looks like he is in a fat suit on the end. Maybe he is just trying to bulk up for his rapping career. Everyone knows that a fat rapper is totally acceptable. Plus then he gets to enjoy all the fast food his little aching heart desires!

Ok so we love Jessica Simpson so I feel bad even posting this but, this is more a testament to bad styling than anything. The two center photos were taken within the same month. No one looks goo in high waists unless they are a size 0, period. Vertical stripes!!! Come on. I know she knows better.
Not a fan of Mischa Barton so no guilt here. If I thought the weight was because she was getting her life straight that would be one thing. I think this is just a bad angle on the photo honestly. She does have some body issues that would indicate yo-yo dieting and poor choices but, I think even the hottest thinnest celeb can take a bad fat picture!

Pictures courtesy of NY Daily News

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