Thursday, August 13, 2009

Jennie Garth Outted Robert Pattinson

I know everyone has thought there was a sneaking possibility that Robert may bat for both teams but, that isn't the kind of "outting" I'm talking about. Team Robsten fans, keep your cool please! This isn't coming from the more reliable source in my opinion. (not Jennie Garth but NY Daily News and Access Hollywood)
Jennie Garth who is married to Twilight actor Peter Facinelli (Dr. Carlisle Cullen) recently stated that Robert Pattinson is romantically involved with either Kristen Stewart or Nikki Reed.

“I can’t say [if it's Kristen Stewart or Nikki Reed], because that would be breaking my promise to Peter, but he is dating one of them!”

This is a pretty loaded sentence. I am pretty sure that evening saying that he was dating one of them would be a huge breech of trust between Jennie and Peter which is why I doubt the legitimacy of this quote. Jennie Garth isn't stupid by any means and I doubt she would reveal an intimate detail of the cast members life that was told to her in confidence. Her motivation could only be potential publicity but the repercussions would out-weigh those benefits greatly. I have a feeling we will be hearing from her soon.

All we have to say on the matter is, where there is smoke their fire. Even if it is the rag mags fanning the flame on what may be the tiniest fire around. I guess time will tell. Twilight fans have a way of making something out of nothing when it allows them to live their fantasy more fully. Every one wants to see Edward and Bella together I am just not so sure that that translates into Robert and Kristen.

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