Sunday, August 16, 2009

Robsten may be more than teenage girls imaginations!

Last night at a Kings of Leon show in Vancouver the cast of the Twilight Saga including the new girl on the block, Bryce Dallas Howard, hit up GM place for what was sure to be an amazing evening. Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart were seating next to each other and extremely close and comfortable for the entire show. Some photos even appear that they were caught in the act of kissing at the show. Now neither of these two are stupid so I doubt they thought that lights down meant that they were safe from the preying eyes of fans and paparazzi alike. I am fairly certain that a third of the people there last night were Twilight fans and highly suspicious that the cast would be there. Robert has stated several times that he is a fan of KOL. That being said, we can't look too much into the picture. You will see what you want to see. If you want Robsten to be real, you can justify that. If you are a skeptic, there are a million excuses why they are so close. Either way, it looks like everyone had a great time! For more photos, click here.

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