Sunday, August 9, 2009

Twilight Choice Awards...oops I mean Teen

So, all of your favourite vamps are there. Too bad a couple of them left their stylists at home. Kristen Stewart has not forgotten her usual high eyes. They are workin' it on the carpet. Check out her "rockin" red (grass) carpet look here. At least the grass carpet was a bit poetic in her case. I must admit I am happy that she found some gel for that hair so she isn't working the redneck mullet look we saw this weekend!
Robert Pattinson is lucky he is swooned on by so many otherwise he would be murdered for wearing this outfit by the press. I can't help but think this is an attempt to make himself less attractive to the girls in the venue. I mean seriously, he is about to jump in a tank of over-hormoned and under-sexed girls (I use that term loosely, I fear most people that are swooning for him could be his mother). I am going to go with that hypothesis because I can't imagine that his style can be that bad. That is when you know you are a true "heart throb." When you can make more of an effort to look bad than good and still have girls saying "Oh my god, look at that hair." or "I love the way he smiles" and completely miss the plaid shirt and man coat you are wearing.
All that said, Jackson Rathbone and Kellan Lutz brought enough sizzle to make up for the lacking style of the previously mentioned stars of twilight. Here Jackson reminds us what casual hotness is about. He has the style down perfectly. Some say he's awkward, I say he is perfection.

And finally....Taylor Lautner is gaining some new Team Jacob team members. Hot Hot Hot Work that vest out you little under-ager!

I am sure it won't be a surprise tonight when Twilight sweeps the awards (my prediction). Remember, it is the TEEN choice awards and we all know how rabid they are for Twilight!


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