Monday, August 10, 2009

True Blood Cliffhangers!!

Whether it is Sam Merlotte up for slaughter or Jason Stackhouse presumably shot and left for dead, True Blood's writer's have done an amazing job this season keeping you guessing. This week was no different. The final scene shows Jeff from the Children of the Sun arriving, strapped with silver chains and explosives, to a party where Jason, Sookie, Bill, Godric, Eric and the entire vampire clan are enjoying themselves. It then shows Jeff pressing the detonator button. I am assuming there is a misfire or the hyper quick Godric is going to swoop in and knock the detonator out of his hand. That being said, I still end the episode saying "For fucks sake." as I have for the past three weeks and if I am being honest, since the begining of the season. True Blood has shown it's fans what vampires that don't sparkle and do bite are all about. Their nature as killing machines has not diminished their sexual magnetism in the slightest. True Blood is what great vampire fiction is all about. Blood, Breasts and Sex!


  1. My "for fucks sake" has become less and less - only becuase thei cliffies once resolved are usually not cliffies...

    ie - JASON WAS SHOT... with a paintball gun

    Surely it will be a misfire or he can't pull it or as you said Godric saves the day - -

    shit i don't care as long as we get some naked Godric and fast....

  2. You are totally right. It is one of those things where obviously the entire Vamp posse isn't going to get blown to bits...that would make the storyline slightly impossible!
    And I am completely with you on the naked Godric. He is so freakin hot. His slight accent just makes me drool.
    Let's be honest, the entire show is one massive drool fest!

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