Monday, August 10, 2009

Chima as HOH on Big Brother...BLEH

So I am sure I am not alone here with my feelings toward Chima. I couldn't even feel sincerity from her when she was explaining getting raped by a serial killer. Now, don't get me wrong, this doesn't mean I don't feel bad for anyone that has to experience that kind of brutality. What I mean is, when she spoke about in on Sunday's episode (watch the clip here) it felt as though someone was telling the story as if it happened to a friend or was to garner sympathy not because she truly wanted to share such a dark moment from her life. Maybe I am wrong but that was the impression I got.

Also, how hard up does Jeremy Piven have to be to do a guest appearance on Big Brother? (watch clip here) I mean is the movie that bad that they had to push it on Big Brother with an actual celebrity appearance? I found it a bit ackward and desperate. I was looking forward to seeing the The Goods but now I am not so sure.

Cutest moment of the night was Jeff and Jordan's conversation about spiders. Jordan: "How do spiders know how to make webs." "It must be hard to learn." and then the "How do spiders do it." "I know horses do it from behind." I seriously love this girl. She is so dense it is endeering. While Jessica Simpson in the newlyweds just came across as scripted stupidity, Jordan seems charmingly niave. Team Jeffdan all the way!

Nominations are Russel and Lydia. I can understand her reasoning for both and think this provides Jeff with the perfect opportunity to show his loyalty to his alliance with Russel by using his Coup D'etat Powers to save him. This is only relevant if Russel doesn't pull out a POV victory which is certainly probable.

To watch a streaming video of last night's Big Brother Episode 14 click here
Canadian fans can watch the video streaming here.


  1. It didn't look like a good movie to me - in fact even the houseguests seemed to be thinking "winning is awesome, but i'd rather eat slop than watch this shit"

    just me?

    Chima's is a re-tard... but I do feel sorry for what she went thru - maybe the beating and surgery is why her face is so fuct up? well - her lips... i dunno.... she fugly!

    I want something to happen with Coup D'etat - - - Jeff is cool i think he will find a way to use it :)

  2. I think he will go for the remove Russel. It would completely solidify his alliance with him. Russel and Jeff could rule the house and provide a blanket of protection for precious little Jordan!